Monday, August 8, 2011

I Heart Harley-Davidson

Over the weekend we got a text from my dad asking if we've ever thought about a Heritage Softtail Classic. Ummm... I hadn't, but Bryan's always thinking of bikes so he had. He told us to come down to the HD dealership, he had an idea. Great... his ideas normally cost me a lot of money.

We get down there and we talk with my parents... they have a 2006 Fatboy that we have been making payments to them on since May and while we were in Vegas we had to put some money into it b/c there were some issues. That got my dad thinking... and he offered us to trade in the Fatboy for something newer with a warranty so if anything did happen, he didnt feel responsible for it.

After doing some negotiations and paperwork.... we are now the proud owners of a 2012 Heritage Softtail Classic (with a warranty and a prepayed service plan) for only $10 a month more than the payment we were making to him. Yay!!

This is a picture of it from their website... that's the color and everything, only missing the engine guard and highway pegs. Isn't it beautiful??

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