Wednesday, August 3, 2011

WTF Questions.... W= Wednesday!

1)  Do you feel it's okay to feed people food to pets or should you always follow the vet's instructions?  I dont feed my dogs human food and I dont feed my kids dog food... each has its own! 

2) Have you ever become addicted to a game (of any sort)? If so, what was it? Yes, Bejeweled Blitz

3) This week is World Breastfeeding Week. Should women be able to breastfeed in public places (assuming their covered up)? As long as everyone else doesnt see anything, I think people are fine to feed their babies in public.

4) It is National Clown Week. Have clowns ever scared you? No, but my daughter is scared of them. Although, my husband does have a scary clown shirt... Hmmmm.

5) If you became a spy and could pick anyone (living or dead, real or fictional) as your partner, who would it be? Good question... I dont know...

6) Where do you (or did you) get the majority of your life philosophy? My mom :)

7) Have you ever had a deep conversation with a cab driver? Well, over the weekend we were in Vegas. Twice we had issues with the taxi... one was b/c the A/C didnt work and it was 107 degrees. The other was when I asked him to take us 2 casinos over b/c I didnt feel like herding drunk people down the street in the 107 degree weather and he got snippy with me and yelled at us when I paid him (mind you, I tipped him over 30%) saying it wasnt worth this while, blah blah blah. Being the nice person I am, I chose to walk away rather than have a deep conversation with him b/c I dont think the sober person in the group should use those words.

8)  Do you think toilet paper should be hidden or is it okay for people to see it "naked" in your bathroom? Hell, I'm just happy to have toliet paper in the bathroom so it can be seen or unseen. Hubby uses it all and doesnt replace it. Pet Peeve!

9) The Food Network's show "Meat & Potatoes" is rated "M" for "Meat." Many movies are rated "PG" for "Parental Guidance." Some video games are rated "E" for "Everyone." What is your life rated? LG - Loving God. I want everyone to see the goodness of the Lord through my actions.

10) What was a quick decision you once made that changed your life? Telling my friend that I wasnt dating anyone and was open to meeting the person she wanted to set me up with. Here we are 3+ years later :)

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BPD in OKC said...

I totally forgot about Bejeweled. I was completely addicted to it for the longest time. It's so fun. It was the only game that came on my last phone and I couldn't quit playing it