Friday, August 5, 2011

WTF... F= Friday!

1) A magazine, newspaper, or website just offered to give you your own advice column. In what area of life do you advise people, and what is your column called? I tend to give advice a lot. Most of the time people ask for it... and when I do, I tend to ramble... so I'll stick with my blog title for my advice column "Ramblings of the cool chick"

2) If your favorite celebrity endorses a product, are you more likely to buy whatever it is? Nope... I dont care so much about that stuff. Does it matter if you wear the same underwear as Michael Jordan?

3) In what way do you reward yourself for your accomplishments? Pedicures, shopping trips, coffee!

4) If you could only pick two of the following attributes to have -- being intelligent, good looking, or emotionally stable -- which two would you pick? Emotionally Stable and Being Intelligent.

5) On ABC Family's show "State of Georgia," a man is seen sliding down a department store's escalator while wearing lingerie. What is the weirdest thing you've seen in a store? Someone going from the dressing room half naked to find another size off the rack.

6) If you owned an airplane that can do skywriting, what message would it write across the sky today? " 6 Days Until Surgery"

7) What is one of your favorite lines from a recent movie? " Just stick out your pudding cup".... from the ZooKeeper movie. That part made me laugh so hard. What was even funny was me and the kids talking about it in front of my hubby who didnt see the movie and as we were walking down the street I acted out the scene and he was utterly embarrased. LOL

8) Anatidaephobia is the fear that somewhere, somehow, a duck is watching you because of something you once did to a duck. Are you ever afraid that you're being watched? Not usually...

9) What are some things people should never do in public?  Pee, wear hair curlers, go without a bra

10) What is something you've never seen in a vending machine that you wish you could buy out of one?  Hmmm... good question. Maybe just general supplies you would find in your purse but are always missing when you need them. Like make up, or safety pins, or super glue.

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BPD in OKC said...

Aren't store employees supposed to help you get another size/color/etc. when you're in the dressing room if you need one? Why on earth would anyone walk out half naked? That's just disturbing. LOL