Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Viva Las Vegas

LastThursday my mom, MIL, SIL, and I drove down to Vegas to meet the guys who rode the motorcycles down the night before. We were going to celebrate my nephew's 21st Birthday. We stayed at Hooters Hotel and Casino so when we got there, we found the guys in the restaurant and they were already a little tipsy :)

We went over to MGM Grand to get Fat Tuesday drinks (jello shots included) and go to the Harley Davidson store... went to NYNY to go to the Harley Davidson store... oh yeah, we stopped at HD in St George too, are you feeling a theme??

The next day we wanted to the HD dealership (HD Red Rock) that we havent been to before and on the way there, Bryan's bike started acting up. Started sputtering and wouldnt get out of 2nd gear. Freaking great. They ended up keeping the bike over night and got it up and running again. It was pricy (the joys of owning a Harley) but I am thankful it happened there instead of when they were in the desert.

Highlights of the trip, besides all the Harley Stores:
  • Bryan, Danny, Renee, and I went to see "Tony and Tina's Wedding". It was really funny and had a good time.
  • All the guys got new tattoos... Bryan got a HD skull, Dad got a flying pig, Danny got a hog, and Levi got a Koi fish with a Dragon. Awesome work... I recommend the Sleepy Lagoon in the Hooters casino.
  • We found the "American Idol" slot machine and thanks to it, I came home with money. It was fun b/c you could do group bonuses!
  • I didn't need an ice bucket, enough said!! LOL
The guys were supposed to go on to CA but thanks to the monsoon they ended up coming home, cancelling their hotel rooms, and taking that money to get cheap flights to CA so they can still go to the Giants/Diamondbacks game tonight. Fun times!

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