Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Vegas Road Trip

We are going on a road trip!! Today my hubby, dad, nephew, and brother in law are leaving on the motorcycles on the way to Vegas. Tomorrow morning at 430am (Did you know there is a 430 in the morning? Not sure the last time I saw it) my mom is coming to get me, we are picking up my mother in law and sister and law and hitting the road in the truck.

We are going for my nephew's 21st birthday. He ask been asking as far as Bryan can remember to go to Vegas for his birthday so he could "break him in" to drinking. Oh Lord, I need to pray for that boy now. LOL. We are staying at the Hooters Hotel tomorrow through Sunday.

I am looking forward to it b/c its the last trip before I have surgery. I will be able to relax and just have some fun b/c I have about 6 weeks of laying in bed coming up. Yuck.

I pray for safe travels for my family... especially when the guys go from Vegas to California on Sunday for the week. Good health, safe riding, and good times.

Thanks to Mary for watching my kids and Blake for watching my dogs. Love ya both!

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Impulsive Addict said...

I'm so jealous. I've never been to Vegas. Have so much fun and drink something with Captain in it for me. (If you don't, just lie to me and say you did. Unless you don't drink. Then forget I asked.)

Take pics and post when you get back!