Monday, July 11, 2011

Pioneer Bible Camp

My kids are home from camp!!

When I got up there on Friday, I saw Drew first. He walked over to me and said "Hi mom, this week went too fast!"... then we found Ty and all the girls around her were screaming, " No Ty, you cant go yet. We are going to miss you". I swear her counselor hugged her about 12x before we left.

They yakked my ear off the whole ride down the canyon. Telling me about horseback riding, swimming, pushing counselors into the lake, white wars, yummy food ("The best brownies I've ever had!!"), sleeping on the top bunk, the bunkmate from South Africa, Ty placing 2nd in archery (way to make her Poppie proud!) "Devo's", etc...

They are already talking about their adventures for next year. Thanks for an awesome God-filled week, Pioneer Bible Camp!

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