Wednesday, July 27, 2011

We Want To Know Wednesday


{1} Who would you call if you had to get bailed out of jail?
My mom... if I was in jail, I must have done something REALLY bad and she would be the only person with enough money to get me out.
{2} If you were a superhero what would your hero name be? Right now, in my early morning stuper... SuperCoffee! I can drink coffee at the speed of light :)

{3} What do you think is one of your best qualities? Patience? No. Energy? No, that's not it either. Hmm... everyone tells me I am a good listener and give good advice. Maybe b/c I see a lot of things from an outsiders perspective now that I've gone through it all myself.

{4} What song would you pick to be your own personal theme song? I think I need more coffee to think of this one... Certainly isn't "Crazy Bitch" anymore, LOL... Maybe "Survivor", by Destiny's Child? I don't know, I'll get back to you.

{5} What celebrity do you think is most over rated? I don't really get into celebrity stuff... but I don't understand the big deal about Justin Beiber?!?


VandyJ said...

Don't quite get Justin Beiber either.

Marisa said...

Oh sweet coffee. A superhero's staple. :)

LOL, my husband would probably either pick Crazy Bitch or Evil Woman for me, maybe even Heartless. haha

Nadine Hightower said...

I think If I were a tween girl I might think him hot... think Donny Osmond. Wait. You may not be as old as me.

Alicia said...

yeah i'm not into the "bieber fever" either...and thankfully my kids are too young for it! and now i have survivor stuck in my head!

BPD in OKC said...

Have you checked out my meme? If not, come take a stab at the questions: