Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Sleep? What's that?

Sleep and I have not been friends in a couple months now. When it comes, it is sporadic and short lived.

Yesterday I had to go have yet another MRI and added a CT Scan for something new. They want to redo the imaging to see if anything changed since the epidural since some of my pain moved around. They are also checking for bone spurs b/c that will be the determining factor of what kind of surgery I have in 3 wks.

So how does an MRI and sleep go together, you ask? Well, when you are as clausterphobic as I am they give you this little pill to make you relax. Actually, in my case, they give you two. After two of them, all I want to do is sleep.

On the way home I grabbed KFC, scarfed it down, and was in bed by 530pm last night. Good thing my kids are big enough to care for themselves b/c I was useless last night. However the good thing, I SLEPT!

Yay for sleep!

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