Thursday, July 7, 2011

Having a BLAH kind of day... just random muttering.

I am having a BLAH kind of day today...

My neck hurts... not really anymore than usual, although yesterday my pain was more on my left side than my right, so that was a little different. I went to move my head to the left and I got dizzy with spots. Not sure that is good. Maybe I should call the Dr.although I'm not sure what good it would do though b/c the neurosurgeon hasnt read my MRI yet and my appointment isnt until August 9th. While that seems like a while off, I am glad its after our Vegas trip in a couple weeks so I can atleast enjoy that b/c if I end up having surgery, I'll probably have to cancel my trip for September. I just feel like my head is too heavy and its going to fall off my neck any moment... not exactly fun.

On the plus side... my AFLAC is reimbursing for my appointments and MRI and everything so I don't really have any out of pocket cost for my appointments, so that is nice. Also I found out the office mischarged my copays and I get a credit back for $40.That's a good thing too!

My kiddos are still at bible camp. They come home tomorrow. Both of them jumped right into things the minute we got there and were in a hurry to say goodbye. I guess that's a good thing, right? I pray that God works in their hearts and brings them even closer to Him from the experiences they had this week.

Let's be honest... I am especially glad they will be home tomorrow, I'm tired of picking up the dog poop out back myself. LOL

Speaking of dogs, I have to take my new one to the vet today. The rescue place got the vet info and are not sure she was ever spayed. Uh, problem! We have a voucher for our vet to do a spay check. I really hope its been done and hasnt been recorded b/c I dont have alot of available time to take her in for surgery... but we'll do what we have to do, right?

Well... I am done rambling for now :)

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