Tuesday, April 28, 2009

"It was scary and my head almost popped off"

On Friday night I got a phone call from my ex husband asking me for my address. When I asked why, he said that the Riverdale police needed it since the kids live with me. Ends up they got in a car accident on Riverdale Road. The short of it is that he rear-ended someone. I asked if the kids were OK and he said they were, but had seat belt marks on their necks. I asked if anyone hit their head, thinking about Drew's seizures and he said that Ty did but it wasn't bad. His girlfriend had to come get them and his car was towed. I spoke to the kids later that night and they said it was scary but they were OK.

The next day, Ty called me to tell me she was sore. She said her body hurt and she had a headache. I asked if we needed to take them to the Dr but their dad told me that they were OK.

When I got them back on Sunday evening Ty was complaining of a headache and felt like she was going to throw up. I made her a doctor appointment first thing in yesterday morning and we went in.

Because it was an auto accident, I had to claim it under his auto insurance and pay a $70 copay. Wasn't expecting that, but what can ya do?

The doctor started looking her over and made a face when he looked in her right ear. I thought maybe he saw something from her surgery or something. I wasn't expecting him to see anything. I thought I was just being a worry wart mom. Ends up, she had bleeding behind her ear drum due to trauma from the accident.

He rushed us off for an MRI. They had to call a place in South Ogden to see if they were comfortable doing it on a little kid or if we were off to Primary's. They said if she held still, we could do it there.

Off to the Imaging Center we went. Drew was a trooper... he sat there so nicely and didn't fuss or anything. I went in to the MRI room with Ty and just hung out at her feet for a while and sang to her. She had to have a helmet looking thing on her head to stabilize her and it had a mirror on it so she could look at me. She did a great job. Only time she wiggled is when I made a funny face at her and they had to redo that scan. Oops!

Ends up she does not have a subdural hematoma as he was concerned about. The bleeding he saw was a hemotypanum but the bleeding had stopped on its own. We are to watch her for any new symptoms as brain bleeds can take up to 2 weeks to show up, but he feels she will be fine and it may take a few days for the headache and nauseousness to go away. Thank God she is OK...

Drew said it was scary and the seat belt squeezed him so much he thought his head was going to pop off! LOL

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