Wednesday, April 29, 2009

10 years old, really?

I was reading through my frequently visited blogs yesterday morning and one of them was talking about this little girl in California. She is a student, a softball player, a normal little 10 yr old girl. Except she has breast cancer.

I remember when I had lumps removed when I was 18. I was told "It's nothing, you are too young for breast cancer". Or when I wanted a mammogram at 27 and 30, "You are too young to have this test done." I am 2 decades older than this little girl and I am being told I am too young... yet her little body that hasn't even developed yet has it.

This little girl is just barely older than my daughter... I couldn't imagine having to make life changing decisions for her... mastectomy or not, lumpectomy or not, chemo, radiation, etc. I had a hard enough time thinking about it with my mom without going hysterical.

My thoughts and prayers are with Hannah and her family.

If you want to read about Hannah, here is the link:

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Mary said...

Wow that is so sad, no one should have to go through that but a 10 year old!?!?