Tuesday, April 14, 2009


A couple weeks ago I slipped on some water/ice and twisted wrong and my back is killing. I mentioned it to the doctor when I took Drew in for some stuff and he gave me muscle relaxers but I can only take them at night b/c I cant keep my eyes open on them. I finally called the chiropractor yesterday and went in for an appointment today and my disc is buldging and my right hip is dislocated. Makes sense why I cant bend over, move fast, etc.

He said I am so swollen that he couldnt get things back in place... he wants me to come in twice tomorrow to see how I am doing. He thinks by the end of the week I will feel alot better.

Too bad I planned the Sunday school activity to be this Saturday at the ice skating rink... guess the Bry-dad will have to skate with the kids b/c I am going no where near the ice!!

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