Monday, November 1, 2010

The Carnival was a Success!

Our church carnival went really well… we had over 10,000 people come through the doors. What a turn out!

My husband helped with security and I was at the Information Desk. All day long, I’d get questions like “Where are the bathrooms?” or “How much does it cost to ride?”… nothing big. The one time I get up to go to the bathroom and I leave Bryan there to man the desk, and he gets people asking “What denomination is this church?” or “what does this church believe?”… He told me I didn’t get anymore bathroom breaks after that.

Around 745pm, we left to go get dinner at IHOP before we got the kids from their dad. We had our bright yellow GP shirts on and the waitress immediately recognized we were from the church up the road. She asked us a couple questions, then walked away… then came back 2-3 more times to ask more questions. I thought she was going to sit down with us!

The best part is when I was going to start telling her about the church, my husband jumped in and started talking instead. My “I don’t go to church” husband was witnessing to the lady at IHOP. Praise God!! I’ve been praying for God to open his heart and accept Him in…. and maybe it took acts of community service for the Lord to get in… but whatever the reason, it happened. I was so proud of him and just wanted to cry b/c my heart felt so good.

Thank you Lord for the ability to touch those we have… Thank you for using me to reach those around the city of Ogden as well as right here in my own family. Help me to continue to witness Your love and bring more people to you. I say these things in your name, Amen!

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