Thursday, November 18, 2010

Ty's Toe

Wow… I should get the Mom of the Year Award (please insert sarcasm here!!)
Yesterday Ty called me at 745 to say they were leaving for the bus stop. Normally, she leaves her phone home and walks with her brother and the neighbor. At 8am, my phone rings and its her telling me she was racing her brother to the bus stop and her shoe fell off and she cut her toe. Realizing that she was about to miss the bus I tell her to slap a bandaid on it and get back down there.
At lunch, she calls me to say that her toe has bled through 5 bandaids and the office wanted her to call me. I was completely swamped at work and she only had an hour left of school for the day so I told her to put another bandaid on it and go home and send me a picture of it so I can see how bad it is and we can decide what to do. I figured that the school secretary would have told me if they thought it needed immediate attention.

When she got home she sent me a picture, but it didn’t look too terrible but she said it was still bleeding a lot so I had her to ask the neighbor to look at it. Nicole said it looked bad and she probably needs stitches. I went home to look at it and it was worse looking than the picture so I called the Dr and we went in.

She ripped the padded part almost all the way off, the nail bed is lifted up and its cut under it. They cleaned it up really good and did a compression dressing that she has to wear for the next 4 days. Poor girl.