Friday, January 13, 2012

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I confess... it's been an emotionally draining week. I didn't realize that his police officer's death would impact me as it did. I even made the news for a 2 second clip of me crying in front of my work on the funeral procession route. Seeing his casket on top of the firetruck pulled at my heart, but seeing the police officers following behind, with their lights on, and wiping tears from their eyes, that's what got me.

I confess... it's been a physically draining week. We joined the gym. I need to get in shape for my mission trip to Guatemala, Mister Husband needs to get in shape to better his health. I've gone daily since we got the membership... I cant do a whole lot b/c of my neck, but I've been riding the bike. 35 mins gets me 12+ miles on the bike. My legs feel like Jell-o but I'm making progress. We meet with a personal trainer on Monday to find out what else I can do that's low impact.

I confess... my daughter is babysitting a co-worker's baby today. I'm a little nervous. Not sure why b/c she is uber-responsible and good with kids, but all the same... little nervous.

I confess... joining the gym is giving me a reason to shop. I already got new sneakers... off to Old Navy today to get some new pants and a sports bra. Nothing like having your shorts go up your butt while you are on the bike!

I confess... I got a white ink tattoo on my wrist. Mister Husband has a matching one on his arm. I really like it. It's an infinity symbol with the word "Love" in it. We did it for God's infinate love and the love we have in our marriage.


Miss Angie said...

Oh you're in UT! I feel so bad. My best friend is a teacher, and I guess one of his students is the brother of the officer that died. It just breaks my heart so much... Sending love!

You're going to Guatemala? That is very cool!

Risa said...

Can you take a picture of your white ink tattoo? I'm thinking of getting one on my back over my heart in tribute to my mother, but I want it to be discreet.

Lisa said...

Marisa, It's still healing and a section of it needs to be touched up b/c the scab tore on my shirt... but I will post it so you can get an idea... or maybe I'll post Bryan's, he healed perfectly. If you do get one, I can suggest a couple people to do it for you.

Lisa said...

Yes, I am going on a missions trip to Guatemala with my church. We are going to plant about 40 gardens in a village so the mom's can give their kids nutritional food, as well as make salsa to sell at the market. We are going in May for a week. I can't wait!

Mamarazzi said...

super love that you have a white ink tattoo...very cool!!

thanks for linking up. i am finally taking a break from packing, sorry i am so slow but i appreciate your confessions and the link up!