Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Guatemala Meeting- Fundraising

We had our first meeting last night for our mission trip to Guatemala. We have 21 people who are going with us. Our groups has a variety of ages and backgrounds, so its going to be neat to see everyone's perspective while we are there. This trip is the pilot trip for our church, so we are going to be doing a lot of videos and pictures to show the people at home what we did and get them excited for other opportunities. I can't wait!

We are in the fundraising stages of our planning. The trip costs $2500 to go plus supplies for while we are there (seeds, gardening tools, etc). We are going to do a Hunger Dinner on Feb 4th at the church that we are selling tickets for. We talked about waitressing for tips at Golden Corral. We talked about selling pizza or candy bars. We have a lot of ideas, it will be neat to see how God uses them.

One thing that keeps coming up is the fact that we need to be in shape. There is a lot of hiking up mountains involved. I am going to be going to the gym today to sign up. It's the motivation I need. I've been putting it off long enough and I want to be in the best shape possible so I can focus on serving and not worrying about pulled muscles and huffing-puffing up the mountain. I'm not a big excersise person, pray for me!

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