Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Hello Fitness! Goodbye Donuts!

I think I mentioned before that I joined a gym last week... I did it for various reasons. I don't want to miss out on opportunities while on my missions trip to Guatemala b/c I am too out of shape to hike the mountains. Second, I didn't like how clothes are fitting anymore... or how I look without them. Too many ripples and rolls for my liking. Honestly, I really don't have that much to lose though... maybe 10-15 lbs, so its more toning I guess. The third reason I am doing this is b/c my darling husband has been asked, I mean, ORDERED by the doctor to exercise and lose weight. He has high BP and needs to lose about 50lbs to lower his risk of a stroke. (in addition to this, he quit chewing about a month ago, yay!)

I need to take a before picture so I can show an after picture later... but being that my looks aren't my biggest reason for this, I haven't done it yet and hesitating on posting any. I just want to be healthy. I want to continue to lower my very high risk for breast cancer. I want to grow old with my husband and kids... so I am doing this for my family mostly.

We met with the personal trainer yesterday morning to go over our goals and make a plan. Both of us are on the same workout plan (his reps and sets are just different than mine) so we can do everything together. We went back today to try it all out and I think the elliptical tried to kill me... but I did what I needed to do and feel good about it.

I am getting rid of junk food at my house... and doing my best to eat better and make a conscious choice in what goes in my mouth. The trainer said that 2x a week its ok to splurge b/c then your body doesn't plateau... so we aren't weeding everything out, just making a change to be better over all.

Not too hard, just need to stay motivated :)

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