Friday, March 9, 2012

Friday Confessional


I Confess... that I have the BEST BFF. He came over to fix my internet last night while I was out with the kids AND he brought me Dunkin Donut KCups for my coffee machine. Love you Blake!

I Confess... we are going out for Blake's birthday next weekend. PF Changs and the piano bar. I am so excited. Its kinda been a tradition to eat dinner there and go to this bar, but we've been slacking for a few years.

I Confess... my child had an issue at school this week and she's been 100x harder on herself than I have been. I think she figured it out and I would be suprised to see that action again. Good thing, I was about to strangle her!

I Confess... I am thankful for my ex-inlaws. My exhusband had surgery yesterday and its his weekend with the kids. His parents are going to take them tonight through tomorrow evening instead. I am so happy theyhave the relationship with them that they do.

I Confess... I am slowly making my way out of debt. One credit card is completely paid off and the other one is half paid off. With the money I usually pay for the first one being put on the 2nd one, it shouldnt take too long.

I Confess... I am feeling a lot better this week, even though my eye lid still has a lump on it. Praise God!

What are you confessing? Link up with Mamarazzi and tell us!


Natalie said...

Way to go, getting your credit cards paid off- that's still on my 'to-do' list!
And it's great your kids have such a good relationship with the ex in-laws. My current in-laws have only met Isaac once in the 4 months since he was born- didn't even send him a Xmas card :(

Kenzie R. said...

What a great best friend! How nice of him to bring you the Dunkin Donuts cup thingies ;).

I'm glad that your daughter has learned her lesson! Eek, I can't imagine what she did. Hopefully it wasn't too bad!

Sorry about the lump on your eye, hope it goes away soon!

Lucy said...

Oh, getting out of debt is not easy and you should be so proud of yourself, I need to work harder on it!

Your BFF sounds like a keeper :)

It is always nice when grandparents are helpful and present in their grandkids lives.

Glad you are feeling better and hope your lump is gone soon.

Isn't it nice when a child learns from a mistake, that is the best, mistakes happen, learning from them doesn't always take place, sounds like you have a bright child.

Have a wonderful weekend :)

Christine Thomas said...

Congrats on paying off one credit card, that is hard work but it feels so good when it gets done!

Mamarazzi said...

being debt free is an amazing blessing!! congrats on getting closer and closer!!

thanks for linking up your confessions, have a fabulous weekend!