Friday, March 30, 2012

Time to Confess!


I confess... I got my tax refund this week. I had planned on putting it on the credit card to pay it down, but I already did that a few weeks ago with some money I had been saving so I've decided to get the new pipes for the motorcycle that my husband has been drooling over. The stock ones that came with this bike are so quiet.Since riding, I pay more attention to the sounds of motorcycles around me and this ones are too quiet. Loud pipes save lives.

I confess... I havent told my husband about this change of plans yet... I told him I want to go to SLC HD tomorrow to look at new chaps. LOL

I confess... I took Ty to the Dr last week and she was diagnosed with Patella-Femoral Syndrome. Basically her one muscle is too tight and its pulling her knee cap out of place and the other side is too weak that its not pulling it back in line. Ty had her PT appointment yesterday. She has some excersises she has to do at home to stretch and strenghten. We go back in two weeks for a follow up.

I confess... The PT guy said that she needs to ride a bike 3-4x a week. The only bike would be at the gym we go to. I asked the guy this morning how to add my daughter to the account and b/c she is only 12 (you have to be 13) she can't... however if we bring her with us when he is there, he will just let her in. Oh, how nice...and he's saving me money. Even better!

I confess... I am down 12 pounds. It's been 10 weeks of working out and eating right. I feel really good. I went to get a new shirt last weekend and the large was too big. I'm not sure I've ever worn a medium before!

I confess... I found some new flip flops that I am in love with. They are Nike with the comfort foodbed squishy stuff. Oh my. They are normally $32-35 and I got the hot pink and black ones on special last weekend for $21. When I was at the store getting Ty a new knee brace last night, they had the brown and light blue ones n sale for $19. Uh... of course I had to get them :)

What are you confessing? Link up and tell us about it!


VandyJ said...

Congrats on the weight loss! Shopping for smaller sizes is much more fun than shopping for bigger sizes.

D said...

Well,paying the creditcard was practical but practical can be overrated.

sarita edgerton said...

I have the hot pink and black Nikes too! Congrats on the weight loss! Medium! Exciting!

Ducky said...

Oh .... New shoes!!!! I can't wait for summer shoe splurges!! Loud pipes DO save lives! Have fun getting your new ones. And MANY congrats on weightloss!!!! That is SO awesome!