Monday, March 5, 2012

Ty's Baptism Day

My sweet girl got baptized yesterday. I am so proud of her. She made the commitment to God and proclaimed it to her family and friends. What a blessing.

We had a lot of family to come to support her. Her dad, his parents,his aunt and her family, and one of his brothers with his family. My parents. My husband's mom and 2 brothers with their families. My cousin with her family. My BFF's girlfriend and daughter, only without my BFF b/c he was out of town working... as well as my friend Mary with her family. And of course, our amazing church family.

When Pastor Kirby invited Ty up to give her testimony, everyone cheered. He went on to say how she is already working in kids ministry, when she is still of age to be IN kids ministry. How he trusts her with the babies and what an impact she is making. It was so good to hear those words and get the reaction they did, b/c when I looked over at her dad, he had tears in his eyes.

Afterwards, my parents and Bryan's family all went to Golden Corral for lunch. It was a very blessed day :)

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Risa said...

Congratulations to your beautiful daughter!