Thursday, March 1, 2012

Big Decision for a Little Girl

For a while now, my daughter has been telling me she wants to get baptized. I told her that's a big decision to make and to pray about it and when she feels the timeis right, we can go talk to our Pastor.

Last night on our way to church, she told me she was ready... that she wants to talk to the Pastor and let him know she wants to get baptized. When we got there we found the kids Pastor and Ty ran up to him and said, "I've thought about it and I want to get baptized"... so he invited her to a meeting tomorrow to discuss over smoothies in the coffee shop.

Last night she was working on reasons as to why she wants to get baptized and she made a list:
1. I want to have God in my heart
2. God's good. He's my best friend no matter what I do.
3 I want to be a better person in Christ.
4 I want to know God better.
5 I want to teach/tell people more about God.
6 His son died on the cross for me.
7 I want God to help me make make choices.

Well said my darling daughter. I am so proud of her...the little lady she is becoming, the servant of God that she is, and the wonderful example to others. I am blessed.

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becca said...

wow that is big