Monday, February 27, 2012

I'm a little behind...

So I am a little behind on my blogging... I missed my Confessions as well as my Friday Fitness update. Oops!

I guess that can be my first confession... Last week was CRAZY. Crazy busy at work... crazy busy at home... crazy busy in general.

I confess... my nephew is getting married in September and he invited all 5 of us to be in his wedding.

I confess... I am down to 172 pounds on my fitness adventure. I did find that the medication I am on makes it extreamly difficult to lose weight.

I confess... I am not going to beat myself up anymore over what the scale says. I am going to eat right and work out and get stronger and healthier in the process.

I confess... this week is Drew's last week for basketball. It was his first season playing and it started out a little rough, but as time went on, he's done really well.

I confess... I am thinking about letting him out of soccer this spring. The fall season was a disaster thanks to a HORRIBLE coach who doesnt know how to communicate, doesnt know how to coach, and honestly I was scared he was going to keel over on the field due to his age and fraility. I am not a mean person... so I say that as nicely as I can, but this was a joke. If AYSO cant move teams, Drew doesnt want to play anymore. It was just a hassle and headache, I dont know that I want to go through it with this coach again.

I confess... I am less than $300 away from hitting my goal for my Guatemala trip.

I confess... I've had my SWAP gifts wrapped for weeks now. I boxed them up yesterday and its sitting in my car ready to go to the post office in Friday. I hope my partner enjoys her gifts!

I think that's it... everyone have a great week!

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