Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Enough Already!

On my way home from Arizona, I see on the news that Josh Powell did a murder/suicide with his kids in their home in WA. My heart sank. I am so sad for this family. The mom disappeared 2 yrs ago from their home in Utah, so we have heard a lot about it over that time... the crazy stories of love affairs, pornography, child custody, and now death.

I dont know how someone can have so much hate and hurt in them that they could even fathom thinking about, let alone, carry out a plan to murder your own children. Those sweet little boys. I heard the 911 calls this morning at the gym and I got all teary-eyed. That poor social worker... and then the sister asking for help.

I am so tired of all the freaky things going on around me... cops dying in a drug warrant shootout, people committing suicide, possible high school bombing, and now this. It makes me so sad.

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