Friday, February 3, 2012

Ty's birthday surprise

My dear friend, Angie, lives in Phoenix. Angie and I have been friends since kindergarten. We grew up together in Indiana. She moved to Arizona for school and ended up calling it home. She is my kids Godmother. The last time Ty saw her was at my wedding, almost 4 years ago. She asks about her often and has been begging for her to come visit.

Angie planned to come out for Ty's birthday but Bryan and I thought it'd be fun to surprise Ty and fly there to see Angie. It took all I had not to tell her!

I packed the suitcase last weekend and hid it in my closet. I arraigned things at work. I made sure to stay quiet about it so no one slipped and told her. Last night she was looking all over for her Tom Brady jersey to wear to school today and was so upset she couldn't find it... With me quietly chuckling b/c it was in the suitcase :)

This morning I went in her room at 415am to wake her up... I told her Angie was flying in to surprise her and we needed to go to the airport to get her... All the while the bags were in the car and I'm quickly grabbing things she's done with, like hair ties and toothbrushes.

We drive down to SLC as she plans what were going to do all weekend with our special guest. As we pulled in the parking lot, I handed her a wrapped gift, a photograph notebook I made on shutterfly. On the first page it said, " just kidding, Angie isn't coming... We're flying to Phoenix to see her. Love mom"

Her first reaction? She yelled at me! Said I was mean for tricking her, as she has a big smile one her face. We hurried and got things out of the trunk and jumped on the shuttle.

We checked our bags and got into line for security and the agent says, " I have two questions for you.... What's your name? What's your flight number?". She gave him her name but had a panicked look on the flight number... She told him that she didn't even know we were going on a flight until we got here!!! Everyone around us laughed.

We're sitting in the airport, waiting for our flight... Can't wait to start our adventure! ( I can't upload off my iPad, so I'll ave to add pictures later)

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Robbie Isbell said...

That is totally awesome. I hope you guys are having a blast!