Thursday, April 26, 2012

I Don't Like...

I don't like sad news.

I don't like hearing that my high school friend may have breast cancer.

I don't like hearing that another dear friend may have a debilitating disease.

I don't like hearing that my friend's mom's lung cancer has spread and she has 20 tumors in her brain.

But more than all that... I don't like that none of these people are Believers. All of their situations prove how valuable and short life is, yet they live like people with no hope.

The bible says to cast your worry on the Lord. Easier said than done, even for me, but somehow that gets me through the stressful times of my life. The times I have worry, I ask God to take that worry and anxiety from me. Worry is a thief. Worry doesn't fix anything. But I know the effects of worry when you are going through a medical situation.

I just pray for all three of these situations. I ask that God bless them. That He uses these situations to put people in their path who can show them His love and goodness. I pray that God guides these doctors and nurses as they have procedures done. I pray that God heals them, if that his His will. Lord, I hurt for these people. Please help me to share Your love in a way that is eye opening to them, let me have the words and the actions to help them. Let me help lead them to You so that regardless of what happens in this life, no matter what pains and struggles they go through, that one day we can all be together in eternity dancing with no more tears. Lord, I say these things in Your mighty name. Amen.

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