Friday, April 20, 2012

Time to Confess


I Confess... Ty's biopsy came back begnin and her incision mark is healing nicely.

I Confess... She had 4 boys out front of our house visiting with her when I got home from work yesterday. Kinda freaked me out.

I Confess... I taught the Stars class on Wednesday night, by myself. Was a little nervous but we all survived.

I Confess... I am going on a motorcycle ride tomorrow. It's to benefit the police officer we lost in January. The ride is called "Whiskey 12", which was his radio name. It will go from our HD dealership, up through the canyon, stopping at SnowBasin, and then down the other side of the mountain, ending at the cemetary where he is buried for a ceremony. After that we will take the bike home and go to Brewski's for the afterparty for drinks, raffles, and music.

I Confess... I have 3 weeks until Guatemala. I am not nervous for the trip, I am nervous about packing. I am sure I am going to forget something and its not like I can run to Wal-mart while I am there to pick it up. That's going to be strange.

I Confess... I am in a video that is going to be aired on Sunday at church promoting our trip. I HATE seeing myself on things like that. I thought I was going to puke while we were taping it. Ugh!

What are you confessing?


A Randomlicious Blog for the Soul said...

I don't mind being filmed so much while I'm being filmed, but it's the AFTER when I see myself on camera that I have a problem with! LOL

A trip to Guatemala sounds fun I hope you have a good time :)
Have a great weekend.

becca said...

happy to hear you got good news with the biopsy..hugs

Anonymous said...

I always get nervous about packing too. Have fun there!

Jill said...

Guatemala! Wow! Is it a mission trip? I know a bunch of girls from my hometown that went last year to do some nursing for a few weeks. They had an amazing time, I'm sure you will too! :)

Lisa said...

Yes, it's a mission trip. We are planting gardens in a Mayan village :)

Missy said...

A trip to Guatemala? How fun! I have wanted to go on a mission trip but have yet to have time nor the resources for it. All in God's time I suppose.

Thanks for your kind words on my blog!