Monday, April 23, 2012

Whiskey 12 Ride

On Saturday we went over to Golden Spike Harley Davidson to get ready for the Whiskey 12 Ride. This ride is honoring the police officer who died in the line of duty in January. His birthday is this week so a fundraiser motorcycle ride was planned in his honor.

When we pulled up to HD around 11am, I was amazed at the amount of bikes that were there. Up and down the street, filling their parking lot and nearby parking lots… There were a lot of police officers in their uniforms standing around as well as some others who were in plain clothes that I recognized. What a turn out! They had lunch… music… vendors, etc.

Bryan and I decided to leave before the group b/c I wanted to get pictures of them all coming in at the first stop… which was up the canyon at the ski resort, SnowBasin. I am so glad we did b/c it was amazing. You could hear the bikes come up the canyon before you saw them… the police officers were leading the pack. It was so cool.

The next stop was the cemetery for a little tribute where Office Francom is buried. I can’t even put into words the feeling I had there. To see HUNDREDS of bikes come in and line the paths of the cemetery… it was breath taking. His dad spoke for a bit, thanked everyone, etc.

There was an after party at Brewski’s so we dropped our bike off at home and went over for dinner. Pizza, couple beers, and won some raffles. It was a fun night.

Ogden really showed the love for this police officer. It was an awesome thing to be part of.

Police Officers leading the bikes into the cemetary

Standing around Jared's Grave

Officer Francom's final resting place. RIP

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Mary said...

He was younger than me, that just makes me so sad to lose someone so young that must have been a wonderful day!