Friday, June 15, 2012

Happy Father's Day Mister Husband

I couldn't find pictire of Bryan and the kids right now, so this will have to do :)
I am so blessed to call this amazing man my husband. He came in to our lives 4+ years ago and because of him my heart truly knows what love is.

My kids will be with their other dad this weekend, so we did a Pre-Father's Day activity last night... or Pre-Brydad's day as the kids called it :)

We went to Drew's baseball game first... then went to Costa Vida for dinner... then went bowling at FatCats. I tell you what... his two gutter balls, along with my 2 strikes caused for some competition; however in the end, he beat me by 10 pins. It was the closest I've even been to him (and I scored 130!!) since he's kinda professional and all. Of course, I had to hear about how if he had his own shoes they wouldnt have stuck to the floor and he would have done better! LOL

My husband loves my children as if they were his own. When they are sick, they go to him for comfort. When they need something, they go to him for help. When they want to play, they know he is a big kid. I love to hear them joke around and giggle. They have inside jokes that bond them. Having this dad in their home with them 24/7 gives them the stability that they crave. They love him and honor him. Our family is complete thanks to God putting this amazing man in our lives.

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Mary said...

I thank me errrr God for putting him in your lives too ;) awesome match!