Monday, June 25, 2012

Thank God for Helmets

Friday afternoon, I get a phone call from my husband. I thought it was strange b/c I had just talked to him an hour before and I was going to see him in about 20 minutes or so... What I heard on the other end of the phone was nothing I was prepared for.
He was yelling and crying and I couldnt make any sense of what he was saying... other than something about an accident and the motorcycle and Taylor being hurt. All I could get out was if he called 911 and he said that the girl did and I found out where he was. I took off running to my car... called my parents who were able to get there before me.
I swear I hit every light and got behind every slow driver possible. When I got to the scene of the accident, my parents were already there, Taylor and Bryan were in the ambulance. My dad was taking the bike home to his house and were heading to the hospital. My mom told me to get Drew and get up to the hospital.
Poor Drew... he was so sad to hear his brother was in an accident... He kept asking questions but I had no idea how to answer b/c I didnt know what had happened. Drew prayed in the car asking for God to heal Taylor quickly and comfort him. So sweet. (I didnt tell Ty until later b/c she was at a friend's house... and when I did, even with the good news of him being ok, she still freaked out)
We got to the hospital before the ambulance so we were just waiting. Finally they got there and I was let back... oh my dear husband, he was a wreck. Ends up that Taylor passed out on the back of the bike. We are thinking from heat exhaustion b/c nothing else showed up on blood work or anything. Bryan felt him wiggle, he reached back, and he wasnt there. Bryan looked in his mirror and saw Taylor bouncing down the road as he was going around 50 mph. Oh Lord! He was able to pull over carefully and ran to him. Another car that was behind him got out to help as well.
Taylor's helmet was trashed. Here's a picture of it:

By the grace of God, he survived. The Dr said if he didnt have that helmet on, he wouldnt be here. He also said that Taylor is a miracle b/c he should be hurt a lot worse than he is... he has no broken bones or internal bleeding or anything. He's got a lot of roadrash, but that's it. It took hours to get him cleaned up, but he was a trooper. He did really well and has been doing good all weekend. Hasnt had to take his pain meds very much. He goes back to his Dr this afternoon for a follow up. Bryan is so shooken up... he keeps replaying things in his head. I pray that God comforts him and erases those visions.
Please, even if your state gives you the choice, ALWAYS wear a helmet.


sarita edgerton said...

Bless your heart! Thankful for that helmet! God was with him that day!

Mary said...

Poor Bryan I am just so happy that Taylor is ok and is on the Mend and Bryan didn't get hurt. Poor Bryan he's had a rough week! :( Here's to a better July for you guys! Love ya!

Jolene said...

Oh My!!! I am so glad everyone is okay. Your poor son, Your poor husband! Poor you and your family. He definitely had some guardian angels watching him. I will be praying for your husband to ease his suffering as well as your son.

becca said...

wow thank goodness for the helmet