Friday, June 8, 2012

Time to Confess

I'll start out my confession with the fact that the "Confession Logo" isnt working and I dont know how to fix it. See below:

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* I confess... I went for ice cream last night in my gym clothes.

* I confess... I had planned to go to the gym, but never made it.

* I confess... I am lacking some motivation to go to the gym.

* I confess... I am at my goal weight again. I am now considered "Healthy" by the BMI calculator.

* I confess... that makes it hard for me to want to go to the gym when I've lost the weight with healthy eating.

* I confess... I need to be more motivated because I have a Kiss Me Dirty 5k in about 3 weeks that is going to kick my butt b/c although I am at a good weight, I am not really that in shape anymore since it's been about a month since I've really worked out. Ugh! Vicious cycle. LOL!


becca said...

I've been craving ice cream all week must be the signs of summer

Aubrey S. said...

Girl, ice cream always trumps gym =)

Good luck with your race in a couple weeks. Maybe an outdoor run in the morning will help you get more motivated than a treadmill at the gym?

I don't know; I aspire to be a runner =)

I'll email you about fixing your code.