Friday, February 4, 2011

Friday Confessional

I Confess...
• I want to say I was looking forward to Parent Teacher Conference, but after the last one, I was nervous. Ty has had a rough year… learning wise, behavior wise, everything. She is trying so hard, but it’s not clicking. I feel like I am going through 5th grade all over again. I didn’t like it the first time, not loving it the second time… but after the fact, we found out that although she is still struggling, she is improving. Drew is doing really well too. Praise God!

• I am looking forward to getting a pedicure with my mom on Saturday morning. It’s been forever since I’ve had one and I want cute toes!

• I am exhausted. Just plain worn out. I’d like to sleep for a day. A mental health day may need to be in my future.

• Although I am getting better about not letting my Ex get under my skin, I still struggle with things as it comes to the kids. As a parent, I feel we are called to be encouraging and comforting. I don’t always see that on his end. I pray for him… A LOT. I hope that one day he gets it.

• I am happy that my husband is taking his health seriously these days. He is losing weight (down 40+ lbs, another 20 to go), his BP is under control (Praise God!), he got some moles removed that needed to be. He is really making an effort to take care of things that he hadn’t before so he is healthy. For me, for us, for our kids.



jennykate77 said...

That's awesome that he's taking his health so seriously...and inspiring. Definitely something we all should do!

Praise God for good school reports!!

I think we all need a mental health day from time to time. I'm also looking forward to a pedi/mani date with my mom and Granny tomorrow morning...our first day above freezing in 5 days! We decided we deserved them. :)

Hope you have a wonderful weekend!! *muah*

Rachel Murphy said...

Isn't it interesting how PT conferences can make you feel like you are in school again?

I have a daughter who struggles with school, she really tries and somethings she is amazing at others she barely gets by! Then I have 2 others that are almost straight A's every time (without even really trying) and that just makes it harder for my oldest. Hang in there.

So ready for flip flops and cute toes again.

Enjoyed your confession,have a great weekend

Haute Deb Designs said...

I know how you feel about PT conferences. They are torturous sometimes. :(

I, too, need a mental health day! Great idea :)

Impulsive Addict said...

From a teachers perspective, we get nervous to talk to the parents too. It will all be ok.

I haven't had a pedi in MONTHS. Seriously. They are embarrassing right now.

I want your husbands motivation and possibly his energy...

Amy said...

Yay for your husband, that's awesome. I've been trying myself to be more healthy, just those damn sweets keep screaming my name lately.

Sara Richins said...

My hubby is getting into shape as well. When he told me how much he weighed this morning, I about died. He has never weighed that much more than me...and I'm pregnant! Poor guy. Good luck to your hubby! Keep up the good work!

Mamarazzi said...

so awesome about the hubz...2 yrs ago Big Daddy lost 145 lbs and he has kept it off. i am so thankful that he made such amazing lifestyle changes so we could keep him around!!