Monday, February 7, 2011

No Room At The Inn.

Alright… This is just weird.

Last week, I had two people tell me they had dreams I was pregnant. Funny, since I don’t have the parts anymore that would allow for that.

Then I got a box in the mail last week, it was a can of baby formula. Ha ha ha. Just wait, it gets even better...

Well, now I just got my bill from Clinic saying the insurance declined my U/S I had done for my ovaries b/c they don’t cover invitro fertilization. Hold up, WHAAAAT??

Since I don’t have a uterus, if they did invitro I’m not sure where this baby is growing. Pretty sure there is a mistake. I guess I better call them. LOL


Rock, Paper, Scissors said...

That is hilarious. What an odd stream of coincidences!

Sami said...

Perhaps they expect you to do it like Arnold Schwartzeneger in "Junior"???