Saturday, February 5, 2011

Kohls Cares

My mom was telling me about a program called Kohls Cares that she saw on the news today. Its some type of scholorship program for kids making a difference in their community. She said that I should fill out the form for Ty, who does so many community outreach events through our church.

It asked for specific examples of things that she has done... and as I was filling out the form, I got a little overwhelmed and teary-eyed when I realized the difference my daughter has made to the city of Ogden. She has such a servant's heart and does everything she does in the name of Jesus. From giving her winter coat to a homeless girl, to handing out cold water bottles on a hot summer day, this little girl is really blessing her community. I am so proud to call her my daughter. She is such a blessing and an example to me and I was happy to share her story in hopes it encourages others to make a difference.

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Mamarazzi said...

what a great girl you have good reason to be her service to others you should see YOUR reflection...she leaned it somewhere.

good for you.