Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Changing from the inside out.

My friend from church isn't someone I would probably know in the outside world... he has a past of drugs and violence and dirt; however that isn't the person I know today. This person found Jesus and has changed his life. He is a Godly man who is very active in serving his community and loving on people. He is someone who can light up a room when he walks in, b/c Jesus is that bright in his life.

This man is now on his way to a Federal Prison in TX to do time for his past. After sitting down and talking to him the past couple of weeks, I know this is something from his past and not who he is today. Something he is ready to take responsibility for. Something he wants to put behind him. He is going away for a couple of years, but I know that he is going to spend that time ministering to others and changing lives from the inside out.

This morning my kids and I joined hands and prayed for him... for his family... for God to stay the center of their lives during this rough time, for comfort and support and love. We prayed that he touch those in Jesus's name who don't already know Him.

Until you are back to break our ribs with your enormous hugs, we'll be praying for you my friend. God Bless!

*** Update! On their way to TX, they got a call from the lawyer and they granted an extentsion. He will be home during the birth of his baby and not have to report in until mid-May. Praise God!! ***

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