Friday, March 4, 2011

Friday Confessional


I Confess... that I just scarfed down a McDonald's burrito in like 2 bites. Didnt realize how hungry I was...

I Confess... I went to bed at 630pm last night. I got home from work, had dinner done before 5, did homework with the kids, went for ice cream, took a bubble bath and was in bed by 630pm. I was exhausted.

I Confess... I am a biker chick. I have worn something Harley-Davidson every day this week. I never thought I'd like a motorcycle, but its something I have grown to love doing with my husband. Dont get me wrong... if you see me drive by and my eyes are close, I am not to the point of sleeping on the back of the bike, I am praying!!

I Confess... My daughter can do her hair better than I can do it for her. She did some bun thing with flippy out pieces and a flower right in the middle. I cant even explain it, let alone do it!

I Confess... I am so looking forward to having NOTHING to do tomorrow morning. I can sleep in, read a book, lay around... doesnt matter. I dont have anything planned. Yay for that!


VandyJ said...

Have fun doing nothing. I'm going to be cleaning. Lot of cleaning. I've been procrastinating for the last week or so and the dust dinosaurs are going to get me if I don't do something soon.

Tina said...

LOL!!! I actually dozed off on the back of Aarons bike on one of our long rides cause I was so relaxed. You will get there one day.

Sara Richins said...

When we get older, we so want to get bikes! Awesome!
Hope you have a relaxing day tomorrow!

jennykate77 said...

YAY for sleeping in!!

That's so cute that she can do her own hair now...better than you. You should be happy about that!

Hope you have a great weekend!