Monday, March 21, 2011

Don't Make Me Become a Mama Bear

"Mom, they took my purse and were yelling and calling me names and they took off with my phone and ipod and..." WHAT?!?

That's the phone call I got from my daughter on Saturday afternoon. She was at the mall with her friend and her friend's family. Ty and Sydney decided to go down to the photo booth at one end of the mall while the mom and sisters went into a store. While they were in the booth, some teenage kids were standing around while they were getting their pictures taken. Ty didnt want her purse to get in the picture so she sat it behind her. When the pictures were done, they stood up and exited the booth and when she got a couple feet away from the booth she realized she had picked up her shopping bag, but left her purse in the booth. As she turned around she saw the boys shoving her purse into their bookbag.

She went up to them and asked for it back and they played dumb "We dont have it"... she said, "I see it right there in your bag. Give it back" and they went on to say "We dont have your F-ing bag" and some other obscenities and took off running. Her phone, Drew's ipod, the phone charge, ear phones, a wallet with 50 cents, etc was all inside.

They called the mom from Syndey's phone and she came running and they called me and I told them to run into Quilted Bear and have the cashier call Security and I was on my way. I grabbed the boys and jumped in the car.

When I got down there, Ty and her friend's family were walking the mall to see if they saw them and I called dispatch to have the police come take a report. We waited about an hour for them to get  there and got all the information. In the mean time, security pulled the video and saw the whole thing happen and actually found the purse emptied out in the parking lot.

Thank God that Ty wasnt hurt. That is the main thing... the rest of the stuff can be replaced. It was a terrible thing to go through... she is very upset by it and nervous to be in public now. It was a good lesson for all 3 kids b/c it showed that there are video cameras all throughout the mall and just reaffirmed that stealing is wrong and you will get in trouble if you do it. Just wish it didnt have to be a real life example. :(

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