Thursday, January 22, 2009

An 8 year olds bad day...

Ty had a bad day yesterday… and in the life of an 8 yr old, I can see that it would be a bad day. However being an adult, it makes me chuckle.

Started off when I got a call from the daycare lady. “It’s Annie from daycare. The kids are ok, but Ty sat on a chocolate muffin this morning and has brown stuff on her rear end. I am afraid if I send her to school like that, the kids will tease her”. She was dropping kids off to school and was near my house so she wanted to know if it was ok to let Ty go in and change.

Then after school Ty was holding one of the little kids and her diaper leaked or something and Ty got peed on. When I got there, her shirt was in a baggy and had on a daycare field trip shirt.

After than happened they blew up the bounce house and Ty got her hand jumped on. Her fingers swelled up and they taped them together and put ice on them. I had to sign an accident report when I got there.

Once we got home, she was going to put batteries in her toy and she somehow hit her head on the pantry shelf. Still not sure how that happened, but no blood was involved and after she stopped crying she started laughing so I think we are ok.

I was sure she was going to tell me it was a “we need ice cream to fix this day” night… but she didn’t so I told her she needs to be in a bubble and sat on her bed until she is 20. LOL

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Heidi said...

I hate days like those :( Sadly I have been having many like that lately... Hope her week is going better for her!