Thursday, January 29, 2009

PSS: Lying

Shane asked "What did you last lie about?"

I am not a liar... maybe a little white lie here and there, but nothing big and scandalous. LOL

Some I can think of off hand would be telling Drew that we were all out of Pop-tarts (although I hid them on the shelf b/c he can eat them all in one sitting)... I may have told Ty that I didn't know where her Hannah Montana arm bands are (b/c I threw them in the donation bag b/c they drive me nuts)...

Oh! I guess I did lie to my darling husband about where I went to lunch on Saturday... well, more of an omission than a lie, but I was busted. Drew spilled the beans that we went to Osaka for lunch, when Bryan and I were going to Teppanyaki for dinner. What can I say? I like sushi and if I have to lie to get it 2x in a day, I guess I will! LOL

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Heidi said...

I am pretty sure I would lie to get out of eating sushi again :D