Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Ty's Surgery

Since my last post, I have more of a plan for Ty’s surgery.

She is going to go in mid-February on a Tuesday. The surgery will last 3-4 hrs. They will put a drain in the incision and she will need to remain at PCMC until at least Friday. Once they get the pain and drainage under control, she will be allowed to go home. I still need to find out if she will be able to return to school the following week or if she will need any down time at home.

The incision is going to be that of a face lift, so once it’s all healed, you won’t be able to see a lot of it. She may have some temporary lip slumping, but should go back to normal within a few weeks if it happens. They have to redirect her duct so she shouldn’t have any problems with leaking or anything. At most, he said she will leave 25% of the gland there, but it wont be functioning.

Ty is excited to have an end in sight, but I know she is nervous. We have spent a lot of time on PCMC’s website, watching the videos and talking about things to pack and take with us.Its amazing the things they do to help kids feel comfy.

Drew is sad his sister has to go away for a while, but will feel like a King having some alone time with Bryan and my friend, Blake. I just want it to be done. I wish it was tomorrow instead of a month from now. I want it to be behind us so we can move on. It has been such a focus in our lives for the past 3 yrs, I just am over it. I am so thankful that we found someone who knows what to do, is comfortable to do it, and for being able to get it done. There is a light at the end of our saliva gland tunnel!


Cynthia said...

I am so excited you found a doctor that you both feel good about it. 2009 is a year of healing in your family. I'm glad to know she won't have to suffer all year long.

the Burtons said...

i am so happy to hear there is a light at the end of that dam tunnel. cant wait for you guys to move on and become stronger than ever, ever!!