Thursday, January 8, 2009

Saliva Gland Update

A couple of weeks ago, I said all I could do it laugh otherwise I'd cry. I have been to the point of frustration regarding Ty's chronic condition. I can't bear to listen to her whimper and see her face swollen. I have done everything I've been told to do and nothing is helping. I have gone to endless doctors without a lot of luck.

Today was our appointment at Primary Children's Medical Center to see a Pediatric ENT. Honestly, I thought we were going to waste our time and money to go. Even Ty said "Its not going to do any good", but we said a prayer and headed to SLC.

Well, long story short (ok... not so short)... I did cry at the doctor today.

However it was tears of joy this time. The doctor was amazing. He built a great rapport with both of us. He explained things in ways that made me understand what was going on. He is experienced in dealing with this type of problem. He says out of the 300,000 people that are in the area, he only sees 2-3 people a year with this type of problem; but when they do have this problem they come to PCMC for treatment. He said earlier that day a girl came in for her post-op appointment from having the same problem.

He said that Ty is obviously not getting better and is getting worse instead. We gave a good effort to fix it by treating the symptoms and for her it didn't work. Doing nothing will continue to have her on medications each month, the pain, the frustration, and a poorer quality of life. He said she has been through a lot for a little girl (Queue the tears!)

He talked to me about surgery. He explained the incision, what they do once they are in there, the monitors they would use to not damage nerves, the drain they would have to place, how long she would be in the hospital, etc.

Although she has the problems on both sides, its more prominent on the right so he wants to treat that side first. He said that the other side would either overcompensate and clear up or she would have to have that one removed later on. We talked about long term side effects... the risks and the realities. He said it would be in her best interest to have it removed and go from there. He said that she will be just fine without these glands.

I am calling the scheduler tomorrow and once he is back from India doing cleft palate surgeries there, he is going to get Ty in to remove her parotoid gland. He said she won't be missing school, parties, etc anymore... and seeing the smile on Ty's face made me know it was worth it.

I'll keep ya'll posted on everything. Thanks for all the well wishes... Keep praying for her.


Amy said...

So glad to hear that she is alright. What do they call what she has?

Lisa (aka: The Cool Chick) said...

Recurrent Juvenile Paroditis, Chronic Saliva Gland Infections, etc. I dont know that I have had anyone call it one specific name. J