Thursday, January 1, 2009

PSS: 2008 Event of the Year

Monica asks "What is the one event you will remember when you look back on the year 2008 ? good or bad."

If I have to say one big event in 2008, it would be September 20th. The day I got married to Bryan at the Valley of Fire State Park near Vegas.

Some of my other memories of 2008 (good and bad) would be:
*First date with Bryan last January. Iggy's for dinner and dancing/drinking at Port O'Call
*My exhusband not taking my kids during visitation time, so "really" becoming a single parent. Although its hurt the relationship they have with him (especially my daughter) it has built the relationship I have with them
*Bryan taking all 3 of us out for Valentine's day. That's when I knew I had fallen for him.
*In May when my mom's breast cancer came back (along with surgery in June, chemo in July, etc)
*My uncle passing away in June. It was very unexpected and is a big loss to our family. Because of it I feel my family is now closer to each other and dont take each other for granted.
*Drew starting school.
*Ty playing and LOVING basketball.
*Getting to know my in-law's. I lucked out by having some great new people to call family.
*My new tattoo
*My 30th birthday
*Luther Heights Bible Camp. It was an amazing experience.

As we enter 2009, I hope and pray for health issues to be resolved and happiness to continue. I have such a wonderful life. Great family and friends. I am truly blessed.

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the Burtons said...

much love, hope, faith and belief in the new year, friend :D