Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Are you a CBL??

Yesterday, Pastor Jeff’s wife IMed me and asked if I wanted to be a sub for their Bunco Night. I keep hearing about Bunco, but had no idea what it was. I agreed b/c I really like the girls who were playing, but didn’t know anything about the game.

I got to her house around 630 (after getting lost, of course) and they had dinner ready before we played. Then Jennifer took 2 of us aside to explain to us how to play and warn us who to stay away from… some of the ladies really get into the game and become vicious!

Her son came up to me and said “Youre a CBL now?”… My reply was, “Im a what?”… and he said, “You know… a Crazy Bunco Lady”. LOL. He said that last month, they screamed so loud it woke him up and he thought his ear drums were popping. LOL

First go around… I get Bunco on my first roll!! Beginners luck b/c I didn’t do so well after that… but had a wonderful time. I didn’t get clawed or hit, the way I was lead to believe what would happen but I did come out with sore cheeks from laughing so hard.

I hope they call me to be a sub again. It was fun 


Sami said...

I too, am a Bunco virgin. I've heard of it, but I've never played. How do you play? Is it like Yahtzee???
Maybe I want to be a CBL too!

Lisa said...

You have 3 tables with 4 people at each... you have 3 dice per table and a score pad for each person play with 1-6 listed on it 6 times. You roll and for the first round you need 1's, so every time you get a 1 you get a point and get to keep rolling. If you get 3 1's at once its a bunco otherwise you have to get to 21 pts to get a bunco. You have to be fast so everyone gets plenty of turns before someone yells BUNCO and that round ends. You get prizes too, for the most points and what not :)