Monday, January 17, 2011

Great Weekend

My hubby has been working a lot later due to tax season... he isnt getting home until like 830pm every night so I havent been getting to see him a whole lot in the past 2 weeks. The last time we didnt have the kids was the weekend I had surgery, so it feels like months have passed since it was just us hanging out.

He made it a point to be off at 6pm on Friday so we could go to City Club for dinner and then to worship. I am so glad he did because it was an amazing worship service with some good testimony which I could tell touched his heart. Saturday we went down to SLC to get a new seat for the bike. It has like double the cushion the stock seat did. I am so excited, praying for no broken tailbones this year! We ended up going to a couple stores and the mall and whatnot down there before we came home and went to the comedy club to see Bone Hampton perform. I love when he is in town, I laugh so hard. My cheeks hurt so bad!

Sunday I started a new position at church, on the 5 Star Team. Its basically greeting people as they come in, helping out before/during service as needed, giving coffee to our visitors, etc. I feel like its a good position for me and I am excited to work with the other people on this team, they are great!

I had a great weekend and am so thankful for all the blessings I have in my life. Thank you Jesus!

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