Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Being Bold

Our church is redoing the way they do Wednesday nights. It used to just be the Youth Group would meet… but now they do Youth, Kids ministry, and 6 adult classes (bible studies, recovery, healthy marriages, etc). The kids are going to the kids ministry and they are learning about the bible, how to read the bible, who wrote the bible, etc in a very fun way that they are enjoying.

I am going to the women’s bible study and LOVE it. There were about 10 ladies in their last week so we will see what tomorrow brings. It’s a great chance to refocus midweek. We are learning about being bold… Boldness means to be confident and to be strong. That’s exactly what I want to be… confident and strong for Jesus. This study has touched my heart b/c for a week now, the word BOLD has been floating around in my head. I am looking forward to tomorrow.

If anyone wants to join, the more the merrier. http://www.genesisutah.com/ for more information!

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