Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Family In Need of Help

A gal I go to church with is friends with the family in Clearfield who lost everything (including their 5 yr old daughter) in a house fire over the weekend. The house was a complete loss, meaning they have nothing. I am going to go through my closets to see what I can give so I am asking that any of you who are reading this and are local to see if you can help as well.

Dad- XL size 36 pants
Mom- XL size 18 pants
2 boys- husky 10-11 yr olds
girl- petitie 8 yr old.

I am going to try to go through things by this Friday to take to church with me Friday night, so if you are able to give please let me know. God bless!


Tina said...

I am going through my girls clothes this week. I will put what i have in a bag and send it with Bryan home.

the Burtons said...

ooo heavens im so sorry, ill keep their family in my prayers. I had just gone through our closest but B was a xxl and their are a few things in there that may fit the wife too. what can i do to see if they would want ? they all are in good condition. alot of long sleeve that Branden never really wore ! you know how some brands are smaller and still labeled xxl ..... let me know, we could meet somewhere or something?


The Graham's said...

Hey I have some Woman Size 18 Pants--we will be there Friday. See you then ;)

Lisa said...

Any help would be great, Tina... Stacy, you can either give it to me or Janet Trevino on Friday (she is who is collecting things)... Meagan, you tell me what would work for you. I just had surgery so am moving slow this week but I can try to meet you somewhere if you'd like. Call/Text/Facebook me and we can figure it out.

Thanks for all your help!!