Friday, January 7, 2011

Bubble Bath, Please?

It's funny how something really doesnt matter, until its gone. In this case, I mean my bubble baths. I think I took them for granted. Sure, when my water pressure was going weird I was sad b/c it took freaking forever to fill up the tub, but atleast I was still able to get in. Having the Dr specifically leave a note that says "No bath tubs until Dr approves, only showers" really hurt my feelings. Does she not understand my love affair with my bath tub?

I specifically built a specialty tub in my bathroom when I built my townhouse... its oversized and with jets. I am obsessed with bubbles and my husband says he needs stock in Bath and Body Works, especially when they have a sale b/c I stock up. To me, there is nothing better than getting in a super hot bubble bath with water up to my chin and reading a book. I could lay in their for hours... sometimes I do, with adding more hot water along the way. Its my get away... and I sure hope the Dr says I am healthy enough to return to my tub. I've sure missed it.

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