Saturday, March 21, 2009

Another Friday night at the GP.

Yesterday, Drew said "Momma... Fridays are my favorite days... they are when we go to the Genesis Project". That blew me away b/c my 6 yr old loves going to church that much. I feel so blessed to have found this new place to worship.

I took my kids and Bryan, met Blake and some people I go to church with at Ascension, and Jenny met us at GP and went to worship last night. Bryan is not a church goer, so I wasnt sure what he would think of it all. Its not your traditional church and I was hoping that that fact would help him.

The music came on and people got up and started clapping and the whole time I was looking at Bryan out of the corner of my eye and he was enjoying himself. The music was great, so I felt that was a given.

Pastor Matt got up to give a sermon and the whole time Bryan was nodding inagreement to what he was saying. It made my heart feel good.

When we were leaving, Bryan said it was very cool and that he would come back again. Yay!

I found this really cool video that I wanted to share... to The Genesis Project


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Amy said...

that is a very cool video! I need to go with you some Friday to check it out.