Saturday, March 14, 2009

Be Blessed to be a Blessing.

For the past couple of weeks I kept hearing the name "Genesis Project" but I didnt know what it was. I asked a gal I know from church and she said its a non-denominational church in Ogden that has great music and an awesome coffee shop. Hmmm, two of my fav things!

I looked it up online and found they have a MySpace page with calendars of events and pictures and whatnot. Looked kind of fun, but not at all what I am used to in a traditional church setting. They have alot of activities and some of the people I go to church with on Sundays are going to their Friday night worship service. Michelle asked me if I wanted to go so I went with her and some others last night.

Its on 20th and Lincoln in Ogden. Its a big building that you wouldnt think is a church from the outside. When you walk in the front doors, its a big room with a stage up front and chairs and tables everywhere. Michelle went to save us seats and we went around the corner to another room and there is Rock Salt Coffee Shop. They had amazing lattes!

When worship started, there was a band that played first... guitars, drums, singing. It was fun to get up and sing and clap and whatnot. Then their youth pastor got up to give a sermon. He talked about seeing things as Jesus saw them and what would Jesus do if he was in our shoes. He told us to be blessed to be a blessing. (From what I was told, this was more of a serious sermon than they normally do on Friday nights but all in all I thought it was nice.)Then a band from Washington state came on stage and we stayed around for a little bit and went home about 930pm.

There was about 3 rows of people from my church there...some of the kids that my kids hang out with at Sunday school and 4-H. My kids are with their dad this weekend but I plan to take them back there next week. I think they would enjoy the music and if not, there is a kids area that does some fun activities that they can go to. Heck, Bryan said he may even go with us... he is up for a Chai tea and some music. This church is known to be "the church for those who dont go to church" so you never know! LOL

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