Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Interesting how life works out…

Years ago, my ex-husband and I hung out with a couple I’ll call B/H. I met B while working at AOL and we became friends quickly and we all would hang out every weekend… going to fireworks together, going to Wendover, just hanging out and playing cards and games. (I think Ty was less than a year old during this time, so we are talking about 7-8 yrs ago.)

For the life of me I cannot remember why we lost touch with this couple… I know something happened, but I really cannot remember what it was. Anyhow, I ran into H about 2 yrs ago at the restaurant she is a server at. She sat down at the table with my kids and my parents and proceeded to tell me all that had happened in her life… how she and B split up and how things had changed...That was the last time I heard from her.

A couple weeks ago my ex-husband asked if he could switch the weekends that he has the kids so it would coordinate better with the girl he was dating and her schedule with her kids. I told him that if he starts taking them as he should, and not just 1x a month, I would do that… in the end it would benefit me and Bryan b/c then we could work with his ex-wife regarding Taylor so maybe we could actually be on a schedule of either all kids or no kids on the weekends. He said he needed to talk to his girlfriend and he’d get back to me.

Next day he says “H wants to know if we can have the kids on Monday to take to dinner so they can meet”… I told him that was fine and didn’t think anything about it. Then he says “We are still working things out with B regarding weekends with the kids”…. Uh, ok. Coincidence that the girlfriend is the same name as an old friend and her ex-husband is the same name as the person that old friend was married to? Probably not… but I still didn’t say anything.

On Saturday, my ex text me and asked if he can have the kids Thursday as well so our kids can meet her kids. Then he said “Have you figured out who H is yet?” He said he wanted me to know ahead of time so I wasnt taken by suprise when I saw them together.

Uh, yeah. It’s a little weird… b/c part of me wonders if something happened between them all those years ago… but what’s in the past is behind us and I have moved on with my life. I want him to be happy, I want him to move on, I want him to play an active part in the kids’ lives and not only be there when it’s convenient for him.

I don’t want my kids to get hurt… so I hesitate for him to jump in so whole-heartedly involving them. He was dating a girl for like 3-4 yrs and the kids adored her and loved her daughter and Drew doesn’t understand what’s going on and is having a hard time with not having them around, but I told my ex my concern and he said things would be ok so maybe its more serious than I think. I dunno, his life is not my business; I just need to protect my kids. That’s my job.

All in all, I know she is a good person… the kids think she is nice, they are excited to meet her kids. I wish him the best… Good luck!

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