Friday, March 6, 2009

Good appointment!

It was a good appointment... The doctors said its healing up nicely. She doesnt need to wear anything on it anymore, she can go back to PE class, and best of all; she can wash her hair!

We dont need to go back again until the end of the month for her 6 wk post-op visit. The dr was so cute. He gave Ty a hug and told her he is glad she is his patient and she is such a smiley girl. He said he was going out of town today and had been worried about leaving her with all the problems, but after seeing her he feels she will be fine but told us who to call if there is any problems.

He said that if we do have to do the left side, he is going to rethink the plan of action. He feels that the origional drain during surgery caused all the complications so if we do need to do the other side then we are going to use a different drain and in a different location.

It's been 3 months since the left side has swelled up so we are hoping we dont have to worry about that for a while. Thanks for all the well wishes, prayers, and crossed fingers. Its been a long 2 wks!

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